"...they bring something really special to our Live season..."

We have been working with the world famous A Play, A Pie and A Pint team to build on what they do, commissioning and producing new short plays from Scotland’s writers. This season we are co-producing three new pieces and each one gives more work to actors, directors, stage managers and technical colleagues, and all the other great people involved in making and presenting live performance.   

It is the first time we have had A Play, A Pie and A Pint shows at Macrobert and I think they bring something really special to our Live season. You get an actual pie and a drink as part of your ticket price. You also get to see some of the best playwrights in action and the easy to digest, under an hour format in the intimate setting of our Playhouse is a great way to experience a new play without even losing an evening. I’m delighted to be the Director of Welcome to Bannockburn and it feels very special to be amongst those who are creating that, The Merry Wives of The Wynford and The Great Replacement, they are an exceptionally talented and lovely group of people.  

I am committed to this partnership as part of finding new ways to share the best of Scotland’s home-grown talent with you and as a way of inviting you to come and take a chance to try something that you might not otherwise. I really hope you will be tempted by this and the many other shows we have coming here leading up to the summer.  

If you see me at Macrobert, do say hello, it is always good to meet you and to hear your views. 

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